• Thank You for the Fantastic Kindermusik Reviews!

    Yelp.com recently published the following reviews from some of our local Kindermusik families - including parents of toddlers, babies and preschoolers. I couldn't be more delighted! Thank you to my wonderful families for the fantastic feedback! I'm so thrilled to being teaching music to the best kids in Tacoma.

    "My 11-month old son and I are now pursuing our second Kindermusik series with Shay. Our first was for six weeks and we're now working on a 15-week set. As a dad in the course, Shay has been nothing but friendly and welcoming, making me feel very comfortable in the class. Each class consists of a mixture of songs, dancing and instruments, a mixture of wonderful musical learning opportunities and my son just loves it. I can tell that Shay is very comfortable with leading groups of children, as well as their parents, and is highly-skilled in her musical ability. I drive 30-40 minutes to get to Shay's class, and it's totally worth it. Kindermusik With Shay receives my highest recommendation."

    Jason K.

    Gig Harbor, WA

    "I have taken Kindermusik classes from three different people and Shay is by far the BEST! She is very organized and ready for class. It is very obvious that Shay loves kids-she is more than willing to play/sing with your child if they want to go to her, which mine does frequently! She has a wonderful voice and knows the songs well. If you are looking for something to do with your child that is fun and educational Kindermusik with Shay is the perfect thing for you!"

    Jodi H.

    University Place, Washington

    "Shay is truly one in a million and a fabulous teacher! She has so much passion for music and kids, and it shows in her teaching style and techniques. With her warm heart and welcoming personality you will certainly never be disappointed in her Kindermusik classes. I enrolled my daughter into a Kindermusik class at just 7 weeks never expecting to gain so much in return. We love to come to class to learn and play, and we listen to all of the songs at home. It is truly amazing to see my daughter recognize these songs after just a short period of time. Kindermusik is by far our FAVORITE activity and it is all due to Shay. I highly recommend this activity for your family."


    Gig Harbor, WA


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