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Private Instrument Lessons

Kiddos and Kin offers one-on-one private lessons that will engage your child by taking into account their individual developmental needs, as well as musical likes. Choose from cello, guitar, ukulele or piano!

Every week your kiddo will meet with their instructor for a 30 minute private lesson. Lessons occur on Fridays between 1 and 6pm or Saturdays between 9am and 3pm. (Additional days and times will be added with enough requests). You will be given a choice of time slots to best accommodate your schedule. For kiddos ages 5-12, a caregiver is required to attend the last 10 minutes of each lesson. For 13+, this is optional. You will be financially responsible for your workbook and instrument (keyboard is perfectly acceptable for piano students). Tuition is $120 per month.

Meet Your Instructor

Ken Jacobsen is a guitarist/cellist/multi-instrumentalist, teacher, music producer and father of a sweet musical kindergartner. He has a degree in Classical Guitar Performance and works in various musical styles from traditional to modern.

Ken has been teaching kids and adults of all ages and
experience levels for over 20 years and offers group
and individual ukulele, guitar, piano/keyboard and
cello lessons at Kiddos and Kin.

He emphasizes building musical fundamentals,
learning notation and rhythm, listening to and
learning music from many different cultures and
traditions, improvisation, playing with others, and
performance through regular community recitals.

Register now or contact us with further questions.
After registration, you will be contacted to choose
your child's time slot and to schedule your child's
private lessons.

$120 per month includes weekly 30 minute private
lessons. 48 hours is required for cancellations.
Makeup opportunities are only available with 48
hours advance notice of an absence.

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