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It's the perfect time to make music and memories with your baby.

Get ready to boost baby’s brain and your bond! Who knew that gazing into your baby’s eyes could be the most exciting part of your day? In Kindermusik, we understand how precious this time is with your little one.

In Kindermusik baby music classes, we have unique learning experiences that can be adapted for any age. So whether your baby is a just a few weeks old or an entire year old, they'll love the together time with their parent, grandparent, or caregiver.

Music is one of your baby’s favorite things – AND it’s one of the best things for your baby’s developing mind. Babies’ brains are filled with billions of neurons just waiting to be connected through sensory stimulation. That’s what we do when we’re in Kindermusik: we offer a sensory rich environment, complete with music, movement and fun, to create and strengthen baby’s neural pathways. Each Kindermusik class touches on every learning domain, creates special bonding moments, and begins to instill a lifelong love of music.

What you’ll experience in Kindermusik Music Classes for Infants & Young Babies

*Instrument play. Age-appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments enhance a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound, and encourage spontaneity and creativity.

*Dance. A classroom full of baby and adult pairs dancing together helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed to crawl and walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

*Exploration Time. Your child’s natural curiosity will be stimulated in our infant music classes, in an inviting environment of discovering specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, movements, interesting objects, and baby-safe props.

*Musical concepts. Even the littlest musicians and their parents benefit from early exposure to basic musical fundamentals like loud and quiet, musical form, tempo, timbre, steady beat, and more!

*Together time. A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering you a place to create special memories with your child, gain new insights into your child’s development, and nurture your child’s natural love of music.

*Expert advice. Consider these baby development classes, as Kindermusik educators explain “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way and how each activity enhances your child’s complete development.

*Tools and inspiration for home. With your Kindermusik Home Materials, the learning continues all week long with your child’s best teacher—you! "[email protected]" is not only green, but it's accessible wherever you are, via computer, phone or tablet!

$80 per 4 week session, includes a CD, prop or small instrument, and set of digital home materials
$20 deposit with balance of $60 due July 1st or August 1st, 2020